Diablo:New Dark Online Game

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Incredible Atmosphere

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Catchy Battles

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28 Awards

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About The Game

A dark fantasy world takes place in Sanctuary, What most residents of this world don’t know is that a group of brave and powerful heroes emerged more than 20 years ago, saving the world of Sanctuary from the evil forces of the underground world. Many had to directly face the hell of the division of warriors, even survived the war, also have been insanity. Most of the other fighters chose to bury this terrible memory, freeing their thoughts from fear. In *Diablo*, players will return to the Sanctuary and once again engage in desperate battles with various demon monsters. Players can play one of the three professions, in the process of exploring the new and old areas of Sanctuary, obtain powerful items, spells and skills, defeat countless demons, and defend the world of Sanctuary from the breeding of terrorist forces.


Unique Classes


Epic Bosses



World War Comming

You are King of World war.Take It.