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This game *Diablo* is developed and released by our company ** CHIPTUNE GAMING PRIVATE LIMITED **,it is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, players can choose to play one of several professions, and lead his/her team to activities and behaviors in the game world.

Players can improve their level by doing tasks in the game.

Different professions have different attributes and skills.

story background:

A dark fantasy world takes place in Sanctuary, What most residents of this world don’t know is that a group of brave and powerful heroes emerged more than 20 years ago, saving the world of Sanctuary from the evil forces of the underground world. Many had to directly face the hell of the division of warriors, even survived the war, also have been insanity. Most of the other fighters chose to bury this terrible memory, freeing their thoughts from fear. In *Diablo*, players will return to the Sanctuary and once again engage in desperate battles with various demon monsters. Players can play one of the three professions, in the process of exploring the new and old areas of Sanctuary, obtain powerful items, spells and skills, defeat countless demons, and defend the world of Sanctuary from the breeding of terrorist forces.

professions introduction


The magician continuously activates arcane energy (a kind of energy that recovers extremely quickly and seems to never be exhausted).

Only when they are in danger or cast a large amount of magic, it may temporarily cause their energy to deplete. However, if the arcane energy is not used carefully, it may damage the body of the magician, so the magician must wait for the specific magic to cool down before continuing to use it. These skills (such as summoning a burning meteor from the starry sky, using power to trigger a whirlwind to cut off the enemy’s legs, or energy bubbles that can stop time, etc.) are powerful and worthy of the magicians’ waiting.

Unlike the thoughtful and careful casters, the magician himself is the medium of arcane magic. Let the violent energy pass directly through the body and direct this energy to become an extension of your body.


The Crusades are wearing heavy armor and holding huge shields. Strength is their preferred attribute, which can increase the damage of the Crusades to the enemy.

The Crusaders need special training to use its special shield, because the purpose of this shield is not just to resist the enemy’s attack. The Crusaders can throw their shields like a javelin, or directly beat the opponent to make them dizzy. The Crusaders will also wave their flail and swing the steel spikes on the chain to perform a series of cruel blows. The experienced Crusaders can learn to pick up a huge two-handed weapon with one hand, wear thick equipment, and slowly step out to attack.


Every arrow fired by Amazon will pour their anger into the enemy’s body. Under their righteous anger, their attacks are full of hatred, coldness, and never mercy towards the enemy. Their flames of hatred cannot be extinguished, and the speed of their hatred recovery is extremely fast. Even when they are resting, Amazon will be full of revenge anger.

Special system

Rubik’s Cube:

Players can open the Rubik’s Cube by consuming rubies. During the time that the Rubik’s Cube is opened, the character team will continue to receive power blessings and continue to receive Hydra Runestones.


Hydra runestones can be placed in an order trading mall, and we will trade them back in cash.