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When you have the supreme artifact and equipped with wings, your combat power will soar, and you will be invincible in the game

Name: Rookie Wing

Require:Level 1

Price:100 Diamonds

Name: Wings of fear

Require:Level 2

Price:500 Diamonds

Name: Wings of the elves

Require:Level 3

Price:1000 Diamonds

Name: White Wings

Require:Level 4

Price:3000 Diamonds

Name: Colorful wings

Require:Level 5

Price:5000 Diamonds

Name: Angel Wings

Require:Level 6

Price:10000 Diamonds

Name: Demon Wings

Require:Level 7

Price:30000 Diamonds

Name: Wings of Light

Require:Level 8

Price:50000 Diamonds

Name: Wicked Wings

Require:Level 9

Price:100000 Diamonds

Name: Wicked Wings(Green)

Require:Level 10

Price:300000 Diamonds

Name: Papillon Wings

Require:Level 11

Price:500000 Diamonds

Name: Glory Wings

Require:Level 12

Price:800000 Diamonds

Name: Holy.Glory Wings

Require:Level 13

Price:1000000 Diamonds

Name: Holy.Glory Wings(Kin)

Require:Level 14

Price:3000000 Diamonds

Name: Evil.Glory Wing

Require:Level 15

Price:3000000 Diamonds

Name: God.Glory Wings

Require:Level 16

Price:5000000 Diamonds

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