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In the game, choice is very important, choose your character, you will be different from you.


Role: Archer


The archer has the highest critical strike in the game. It is a physical class with extreme output. It is not weaker than the output of the wizard. Although it is not very eye-catching at the beginning, but with the development of the later stage, the critical strike is getting higher and higher. , The output of the archer is incisively and vividly reflected. There are super-high single explosive skills. Those who like long-range can choose the archer as your first profession.


Role: Magician


The magician has powerful spell attack skills. The player chooses this to represent the highest damage in the game. As long as a teammate in front can withstand the monster, then your output will be the first in the game. It can destroy groups of enemies in an instant, and has powerful range skills to help you quickly increase your combat power. However, the defense is too weak. Players who like extremely high output can choose Magician as your first profession.


Role: Warrior


Possessing super-high physical attack is an enemy’s nightmare class. Although the critical strike is not as high as an archer, the attack power is not weak. The most important thing is that it has a strong blood volume and defense power that other classes do not have, so the fighters are equipped After that, it is very scary, able to resist and fight, as long as it grows up, it can become very powerful. Players who like close combat and high output can choose fighters as their first profession.


Role: Paladin


If you like magicians and want to have the ability to resist and fight as a warrior, then the profession of Paladin is your best choice. The Paladin also has the magic damage of the magician and the high blood volume and high defense of the warrior. It is precisely because the Paladin has the advantages of a magician and a warrior, it is easier for the player to upgrade the entry level of the Paladin than other professions, and it is easier to upgrade. If you are playing a profession, you might as well play the profession of Paladin.

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