Super equipment

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You must be an indispensable artifact that belongs to you. With it, you will no longer be afraid of the world BOSS, and you will no longer retreat from fighting against the city. You will always be the warrior standing in the forefront.

Name: Tyrael St.Sword

Effect: Idle gold increases by 10%

Name: Kana Box

Effect: Equipment quality improving rate in smelting increases by 15%

Name: Leoric Crown

Effect: Idle Exp Increases by 10%

Name: Kane’s Book

Effect: Wing Crit rate of Advance Train increases by 20%

Name: Hell Hammer

Effect: Demon Hunter gold increases by 20%

Name: Jordan Stone

Effect: High-quality attri. rate of wash increases by 15%

Name: Andrea’s Staff

Effect: Alchemist crit rate increases by 15%

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